Master of Letters Graduate Degree Show, GSA, Sept 2015

An ongoing exploration of the connection and loss between humans and the natural environment.

Exhibtioin comp sTrials, Inkjet print transparency and wood                                           Tracks, Wooden plinth with interactive sound system
140 x 100 x 170 cm                                                                                       65 x 65 x 82 cm


This work progressed from my vegetation growth experiment, whereby a large box was created for ferns and moss to grow in The Glasgow School of Art sculpture studio. The enclosure gradually evolved into a mini-ecosystem over time, in which plants, habitat organisms and nature interacted with each other. The images were created from traces of slugs crawling over the moist surface of the enclosed box, and eventually the documentation became the printed work for this installation.


An installation responds to audience interaction – it comes alive with different sounds when touched.
 A Collaboration with Roy Shearer

The installation is set up in a way similar to a museum information stand. Electric paint is used to paint the slug drawn pattern on the top glass panel which traces 4 touch points. Circuit board and leads are used to connect the lines to the computer to enable sound to be emitted when touched.
4 different sound tracks are used in this work. One of which is a magnified recording of the slug that lived in the large terrarium at the McLellan Gallery MLitt studio.  The other three sound tracks are running water, birds and leaves rustling noises, all recorded from the local Gartnethill Park.