You Build on Mackintosh Exhibition, 2015

Scrunched is a work created to explore my feelings following the Glasgow School of Art fire. This repeated act of drawing the burnt Mackintosh building and scrunching became the therapy for me to externalise my memory of the incident and it turned my emotion into form. The destruction by the fire has become my creation.

 I would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of GSA Phoenix Bursary which enabled me to attend a residency with DRAWinternational in Toulouse, where I made this work.

Drawing 1 : memory
Drawing 1 scrunched (scrunched 1)
Drawing 2 : of scrunched 1
Drawing 2 scrunched (scrunched 2)
Drawing 3 : of scrunched 2
Drawing 3 scrunched (scrunched 3)
Drawing 4 : of scrunched 3
Drawing 4 scrunched (scrunched 4)
Text by Peter McCaughey