Mackintosh Reimagined

Mackintosh Reimagined

Curated by Lucas Ferguson-Sharp

Making and Drawing Mackintosh

This group of work was made using the remains of the Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building fire. It involved using damaged parts of the Mackintosh and other fibres to make paper and then working the surfaces with a range of materials including charcoal from the fire.

The Mackintosh Reimagined Festival gave the Glasgow School of Art community an opportunity to engage with the Mackintosh Building before it was restored. On 24th and 25th of November 2016, there were a series workshops, talks, performances and exhibition within the building. These events were offered to staff and students and opened the ruin of the Mackintosh building to new perspectives.

During the Mackintosh Reimagined Festival an exhibition took place in the Mackintosh Gallery with work by GSA students, faculty and alumni. The exhibition had the theme of how art, design and architecture engage with ruins, and the Mackintosh building offered a unique opportunity to look at how a community can engage with the unique ruined and unused space, through imaginative, collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects.